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Category: Politics

Post titlePost date
Free Gaza DemoAugust 9th 2014
Stop The War - DemoOctober 8th 2011
London's BurningAugust 9th 2011
Yemeni Youth DemoApril 30th 2011
Death of Ian Tomlinson - InquestMarch 29th 2011
Libya DemoFebruary 25th 2011
Blair at Chilcot InquiryJanuary 22nd 2011
Save The Planet VandalsDecember 13th 2010
Blair Protest CancelledSeptember 8th 2010
Blair Protest - Change of venueSeptember 6th 2010
Protest against Blair Book SigningAugust 25th 2010
Policeman Gets Away With MurderJuly 23rd 2010
Election Fever!April 6th 2010
Blair at Iraq Inquiry - ProtestJanuary 30th 2010
Iraq Inquiry DemonstrationJanuary 19th 2010
Whaling DemonstrationJanuary 15th 2010
Egyptian Embassy DemonstrationDecember 31st 2009
Troops Home DemoOctober 24th 2009
Stop The War DemonstrationOctober 9th 2009
US Embassy DemonstrationJuly 31st 2009

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