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September 8th 2012

London Eye River Cruise
London Eye River Cruise
HMS Belfast
London Eye River Cruise
London Eye River Cruise
London Eye River Cruise
London Eye River Cruise
London Eye River Cruise
Went on the London Eye and the London Eye river cruise yesterday. Glorious hot sunny day for September, about 25 degrees but felt much hotter out on the boat!

The cruise was fantastic. Been living in London for over four years but felt like a tourist, complete with my camera! Thought I knew all about London Town but the cruise was an education, very informative and good to see the town from a different viewpoint.

Went on the London Eye also. Had done that before, years ago. Being a hot sunny day the ice-cold air conditioning in the capsule was most welcome!

The first time I did it, there was a host in the capsule, explaining what the various buildings were. They have now been replaced with tablets which are practically useless and made for an almost boring ride.

The foreign people on board didn't know what they were looking at. There wasn't a fun atmosphere. Very quiet.

The tablets didn't have any sound on them and appeared to play a video which explained the sights but I couldn't even be bothered watching the introduction. I can watch such a thing online. Seemed bloody stupid to be up in a capsule and looking at a screen!

This is the thing though, tablets are very trendy and are perceived to be the way to go. A good demonstration here of how they have severely impaired a visitor experience by trying to be interactive and missing the point completely.

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