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October 8th 2011

Stop The War - Demo
Peter Tatchell
Stop The War - Demo
Stop The War - Demo
Stop The War - Demo
Attended the Stop The War demo in Trafalgar Square today, marking the tenth anniversary of Britain and the US attacking and occupying Afghanistan.

It was a good event, good turnout. A lot of high-profile speakers, including Tony Benn, George Galloway and Jemima Khan.

Great to see Peter Tatchell there too. Said hello to him and asked him to pose for a picture, which he was happy to do.

We then marched to Downing Street and blocked the road completely for the best part of an hour. The police squeezed us to open up a lane to traffic but there was one lane closed for the duration of the protest there, getting on for two hours, which is something of a result!

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