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March 29th 2011

Death of Ian Tomlinson - Inquest
Death of Ian Tomlinson - Inquest
The inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson begins this week, two years after he was killed by a policeman.

I put up a campaign website (, linked below) demanding justice for Mr Tomlinson. On the site I was demanding that PC Simon Harwood be charged with manslaughter but I had a think about it and now demand the he is charged with murder or manslaughter.

I wondered what the charge would be if it was the other way around...if Mr Tomlinson had attacked a policeman from behind, hitting him with a big stick and throwing him to the ground, killing him.

Tricky one, isn't it? After much thought I concluded that Mr Tomlinson would probably have been charged with murder.

Just recently during the student demonstrations in London, a student was charged with attempted murder for dropping a fire extinguisher near a policeman. I think if that merits attempted murder, then Harwood's attack on Mr Tomlinson is certainly murder.

Interesting...if you drop a fire extinguisher near a policeman, within hours you are arrested and soon after charged with attempted murder. If you are a policeman and kill a man by attacking him from behind...two years pass and you are not charged with a single offence.

Good old Britain!!!!

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