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July 23rd 2010

Policeman Gets Away With Murder
Ian Tomlinson walking home, seconds before he died from internal bleeding after being attacked by PC Simon Harwood
Policeman Gets Away With Murder
It was announced yesterday by the Crown Prosecution Service that PC Simon Harwood would not face prosecution for killing Ian Tomlinson as he walked home from work.

Mr Tomlinson, 47, was walking home from his work as a newspaper vendor, which took him through the scene of a demonstration against the G20 summit in April last year.

He made the innocent mistake of getting within striking distance of PC Simon Harwood, 43. With his back to Harwood and walking away from him, Harwood hit him with his baton and violently threw him to the ground. Mr Tomlinson initially walked away but collapsed moments later and died from internal bleeding.

It could be argued that PC Harwood was lucky to have his job in the Riot Squad that day, as he had previously left the police following a misconduct hearing over a violent road-rage incident.

Harwood had his face covered and had apparently removed his ID number from his uniform. Why would he do that? It's common knowledge that police remove their ID so they can assault people in the hope of getting away with it. Just now in this case, it looks like they can kill people and get away with it.

The cowardly decision not to charge Harwood is an out and out disgrace.

Chief coward of the CPS, Keir Starmer, said he was not confident of getting a conviction and had therefore decided not to bring charges. He said there was a conflict of expert opinion.

One pathologist said Mr Tomlinson died of natural causes (a heart attack) while two other pathologists said he died from internal bleeding following a trauma to his abdomen (three post mortems were carried out).

This is what Starmer is using as his pathetic excuse not to charge Harwood for his thuggery.

The first pathologist in question, Dr Freddy Patel, is currently under examination by the General Medical Council for allegedly bungling four autopsies. He has been suspended from the Home Office register of forensic pathologists and barred from examining others who have died suspiciously.

I say, put the three pathologists in front of a jury and let them decide. Did Mr Tomlinson coincidentally suffer a heart attack momets after being attacked by PC Harwood or did he suffer internal bleeding as a result of the attack? The words "brainer" and "no" come to mind.

This case is a great travesty of justice. Just now there is no justice for Ian Tomlinson and his family, which is a disgrace.

Ian tomlinson was a heavy drinker. He lived in a hostel. He and his family are working class.

I wonder what would have happened if the events were reversed? Suppose Mr Tomlinson attacked a policeman from behind, hitting him with a stick and throwing him to the ground, causing internal bleeding and death. Do you think the CPS would say that they could not bring any charges due to a conflict of expert opinion? Answers on a postcard please.

This is a complete outrage. It cannot be allowed to stand. So what can be done about it? As is stands, it's a working class family against the establishment. I for one feel guilty doing nothing about it. Not quite sure what to do. Yesterday I emailed the CPS to express my disgust at the decision.

Next step looks like contacting the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, who is responsible for the CPS. You can get the Attorney General's website below.

...or email them:

...and of course, dropping a line to my MP.

Apart from anything else, such travesties of justice can cause riots. It needs to be corrected.

I had to chuckle, on the CPS website, I saw this: "we are an independent body that works closely with the police". You bet they work closely with the police. They are in bed with them.

Added later. I have put up a campaign website, linked below, demanding justice for Mr Tomlinson and demanding that PC Harwood is charged with Manslaughter.

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