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April 6th 2010

Election Fever!
Tony Benn with Carly from
Election Fever!
Iraq Protestor
Election Fever!
The bets are on!
Election Fever!
Ann Widdicombe waiting to be interviewed
Election Fever!
Ann Widdecombe and fans
Election Fever!
Tony Benn - The Master
Election Fever!
It was announced today that the General Election will be held on Thursday May 6th. Thought I would go down to Westminster and pick up some of the buzz. It was a lovely sunny day, and there was certainly a buzz about the place. I was on College Green across from the Houses of Parliament, where all the media had set up, and there was a constant stream of politicians passing through for interviews.

Great to see Tony Benn there. The man who said "I'm resigning from Parliament to concentrate on politics"!

I heard him doing an interview, he said "it's not about politcians, it's about the electorate". That sentence alone puts him above most of today's politicians.

There was a chap protesting about the barbaric US/UK attack on Iraq. He was parading his billboard and doing his best to get in the way of the cameras. Kudos to him, he was on his own and was promoting a good cause. He was very pleased to pose for me, and asked me to take some pictures of him with his own camera, showing Parliament in the background.

I met some people also taking advantage of the buzz and the media presence, from They were promoting their new news website. It's a nice site, it's new and fresh and made to be easy to use and intuative. It gives you the news you want. You can customise it to suit your needs.

Carly was bright, and doing a good job of promoting the site, she is also pretty tasty and with there being a lot of politicians around, she had on thigh-length boots as part of her promotion outfit (sorry chaps, didn't get a picture of them!).

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