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July 23rd 2009

St James's Park
Geese at St James's Park Lake
St James's Park
Took a stroll into town today. Nothing much happening blog-news-wise. Had a look at St James's Park (shouldn't that be St James' Park?). At the time it was quite pleasant and sunny, but it had been raining earlier, and there were some pretty heavy showers later.

A few months back, they drained the water from the lake and cleaned it out. They had little bulldozers scooting around, scraping up all the gunge from the bottom. The water is only 2-3 feet deep.

Today it was back to normal, but it was amazing how much weed/algae that had accumulated on the bottom (you can see it in the picture). It was pretty busy with tourists. Still some young ducklings to be seen too.

I noticed from the bridge over the lake, that people had been throwing coins in, even saw some silver ones! I don't know if this has always happened here, or it's just because the water is clean, that you can see them. Could be a lucrative little sideline, popping along to St James's Park at night, with your snorkel and flippers!

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