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December 3rd 2010

Icy Hyde Park
Hyde Park Enchanted Winter Palace. Actually it's the Lido. I wonder how you say "It's bloody freezing!" in Bird?
Icy Hyde Park
Icy Hyde Park
Pretty Car
Icy Hyde Park
Took another trip to Hyde Park. I was going to park-up there and walk along to the Winter Wonderland and take some more pictures for this blog, as the last time I went the batteries pooped on my camera.

Normally I walk to Hyde Park, it's not very far but due to the weather and the fact I was "on a mission" I decided to take the car. That said, I don't need an excuse to use the Range Rover in the snow...that's what I bought it for (skiing in Scotland and France)!

Hadn't parked there before so wasn't quite sure about the parking meter. I never use meters, I either walk or park the car in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea where I have a residents' parking permit. So I made a bit of an arse of it and only got a ticket for 25 minutes!

Then I wasn't sure what to do. Should I get another ticket? That would mean two tickets running concurrently for 25 minutes. Bit daft. Or do I let the first ticket lapse then get another? Doing that I would be 25 minutes away, or to put it another way, I could go 12.5 minutes away, allowing 12.5 minutes to get back for a second ticket.

Problems, problems. In the end up, I decided to take it as it came. I walked the short way to the water (the Serpentine). It was bloody freezing so that decided it. I would just take some pictures and get back in the car! (As I type, some prick is blasting his horn outside...THE single most annoying thing about London Town!)

Took some pics as you can see. Another excuse to post a picture of my very pretty car.

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