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November 26th 2010

Winter Wonderland 2010!
Winter Wonderland 2010!
Winter Wonderland 2010!
Once again in Hyde Park they are hosting the Winter Wonderland...a bunch of tacky rides with tinsel on them!

That's being unfair, yes there are some tacky rides with the "ride guys" leering at the passing ladies, much to their satisfaction...but there's a lot of nice festive, quality stands there.

You've got fun rides, food stalls, beer stalls, Christmas goods stalls...all good festive stuff. As a chap who used to sell Christmas trees, I love it!

Seems to be much bigger than last year. They've got a big ice rink and two very big "rides"...the type of things that chuck you about...quite impressive. They also have the "Observation Wheel" which looks a lot like the "London Eye".

Took my new camera with me, was walking into town, figured I would go via the Winter Wonderland and get some festive pictures for the blog. Only took two pictures when the piggin' batteries pooped on me!!!

Anyway, it's a hoot. Try and avoid evenings and weekends if you gets VERY busy. Check out the official website below.

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