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October 9th 2010

Indian Summer!
Serpentine Bar & Kitchen in Hyde Park
Indian Summer!
Glorious sunny day today (Friday October 8th), 20 degrees, with 22 degrees forecast for the weekend!

Went into town. Sat on the steps of the Eros statue at Piccadilly Circus and had a smoke, amongst some others doing the same thing. Basking in sunshine watching the people and traffic go by, everyone enjoying the sunshine. It was proper warm too, I was only wearing a thin tee shirt.

Walked through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens on my way back to South Kensington. Wonderful atmosphere about the place. Not too busy, about 2 o'clock on a Friday afternoon, mainly tourists about. The guys doing roller-blading in Hyde Park were bare-chested, showing off as usual!

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