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September 15th 2010

Spitfire at the MOD
Spitfire outside the MOD
Spitfire at the MOD
Buildings opposite the MOD
Spitfire at the MOD
This year is the seventieth anniversary of the Battle Of Britain, and there's various events going on to mark it.

I heard on the radio that there was a big event in town today, including a flypast of Spitfires, so I headed into town to the Ministry Of Defence, as I knew they had a Spitfire on display there.

I saw the Spitfire but there was no sign of any event going on. I later heard on the radio that they had unveiled a statue nearby, I think in Waterloo Place, off Pall Mall. Wherever it was, I missed it!

In the picture opposite, the Spitfire looks quite small because it is next to a "larger than life" statue of Monty!

Also took a picture of some buildings opposite the main door of the MOD because they looked pretty stunning and I thought the tree made a nice contrast to them. I don't know what the buildings are. Judging by their location I would say they were Government buildings. If so, it's nice to know I have a share in such prime properties.

It was quite a nice sunny day but very windy and a tad on the cold side in the shade. I think the summer is about done.

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