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June 14th 2010

Eco-Rally in Hyde Park
Quentin Willson
Eco-Rally in Hyde Park
Just got news of an interesting event taking place in Hyde Park on July 7th 2010. It's the Bridgestone Eco-Rally, which is a gathering of fuel-efficient vehicles with low or zero emissions, which have just journeyed up from Brighton.

Formula One (F1) fans will have the chance to see, in person, some of the sport's biggest names, including Ross Brawn, Patrick Head and Nico Hulkenberg, with more names to be announced, as they take part in the event. Could be worth attending to see what F1 has to do with reducing emissions!

Celebs attending, include Quentin Willson and Gail Porter.

The event is also raising funds to build the Royal Parks Foundation's Look Out Education Centre.

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