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June 4th 2010

Martine McCutcheon filming in Battersea Park
Martine McCutcheon filming an ad for Activa yogurt
Martine McCutcheon filming in Battersea Park
Peace Pagoda
Martine McCutcheon filming in Battersea Park
Visited Battersea Park for the first time today. Nice park. On the south bank of the Thames between Albert Bridge and Chelsea Bridge. The famous Battersea Power Station (as was) is next to Chelsea Bridge.

Saw Martine McCutcheon filming an ad for Activa yogurt. Very interesting. They got a glorious day for it, about 27 degrees, wall-to-wall sunshine. They didn't need any lights, just the reflector you see in the picture.

Amazing the number of people involved in filming a commercial...must have been about thirty people in the immediate vicinity! I saw a movie shoot once in London, that didn't have as many people!

They had a stand-in actress doing Martine McCutcheon's part so they could work out the camera positions etc, then the big star came on to the set under a gigantic black parasol! She was only doing one line, but she was pretty good at it.

The peace pagoda in the park, sits on the bank of the river, looking out towards Chelsea.

Nice park. They've got a pretty impressive fountain there and big fish swimming in the lake! Looked like mullet.

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