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April 17th 2010

Stephenson's Rocket in Kensington Gardens
Stephenson's Rocket in Kensington Gardens
Price list for Stephenson's Rocket
Stephenson's Rocket in Kensington Gardens
Glorious sunny day in London Town today. Wall-to-wall blue sky and warm sunshine. Not bad for mid-April! Took a stroll around Kensington Gardens. Very busy but a wonderful atmosphere with people enjoying the spring sunshine and a number of sunbathers with their tops off (sadly just blokes!).

Very spring-like with a lot of greenery showing. The horse chestnut trees are just about in full leaf. The Serpentine Lake was very busy too with rowing boats and pedalos.

They are running a replica of Stephenson's Rocket. They have laid about 100 metres of track. This is being organised by the nearby Science Museum, where they have the original Rocket. It's free admission to the Science Museum, fantastic place, they have a whole floor of planes including a spitfire hanging from the roof!

This replica rocket was an amazing machine. I was really surprised by how quiet it was when it was running.

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