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April 3rd 2010

Boat Race 2010
Oxford and Cambridge crews making their way to the start
Boat Race 2010
Spectators on Putney Bridge
Boat Race 2010
Start of the 2010 Boat Race
Boat Race 2010
Went to the start of the 2010 Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford, today. I was on Putney Bridge for the start. First time I had seen it. Pretty interesting, good atmosphere, good crowds.

I walked there from South Kensington. Perhaps two miles. Best way to get there. Discovered shortly after I left the house, that I needed the loo. Bugger. I was thinking my route ahead, straight down Fulham Road, and figuring where I could get a loo. Figured that the Fulham Broadway shopping centre would have a loo in it. Hadn't been there before, but it's a shopping centre, so it must have a loo.

Got there, looking for the loo signs, spotted them quickly, good. Straight to the loo. Just before it there's a sign "Toilets 20p" ...f*ck! I didn't have a bean on me, I was only out for a walk. Decided I would have to give the attendant a sob story. Rehearsed my line "you let me into your loo or I make a mess of your floor". Got to the turnstile, no-one I leaped it!! Bit of a lad...bit of a geezer! Then I figured that it might be on CCTV and I would have armed-police surrounding the building...they don't need much excuse in London Town to cause a drama. Surprisingly enough, got out the loo and got away with it!

Weather was quite good, at least it wasn't raining, a touch breezy and a touch on the cold side, but not bad for the can see the water in the pictures, it's reasonably flat.

Cambridge won the race.

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