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March 21st 2010

Van Gogh Exhibition
Van Gogh Exhibition
Went to the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition (The Real Van Gogh: The Artist And His Letters) at the Royal Academy, Piccadilly. Very interesting. Good to see lots of Van Gogh pictures together in the same place! His letters were very interesting too, mainly to his brother. Most of them contained drawings, which were mini works of art in their own right!

Certainly felt like you knew the man by the time you had got around the exhibition. Sad too when you think he was only 37 when he topped himself, but nice paintings of the Assylum he was in, the gardens and the view from his window, which he painted when he didn't feel well enough to go outside.

Many of the paintings were from 1889 and 1890, the year he died. During this time he painted seventy paintings in seventy days, many of them regarded as his best, and one of them (one of the two Olive Trees pictures there) was apparently his favourite. Interesting, as I thought the other one of the olive trees (swirly clouds) was my favourite.

Good show but pretty busy being a Sunday afternoon. Nice sunny day, as you can see from the pic, about 15 degrees.

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