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November 26th 2009

Freddie Mercury's House
Freddie Mercury's house
Freddie Mercury's House
Recently painted door
Freddie Mercury's House
Freddie Mercury's House
I recently discovered that Freddie Mercury's house was in Kensington, not too far from me. Took a walk out to see it today. It's at 1 Logan Place and is called the Garden Lodge.

He lived here from 1980 until his death in 1991 (he died in the house). In his last years he spent most of his time here. When he died, this place became a site of pilgrimage, still is to a point. Fans left a lot of messages and graffiti on the door and the wall (you can see pictures of it from the links below). It was cleaned up in recent years. The door looks like it was painted very recently, and there is hardly any graffiti on the door or walls (there is a little bit but you can't really see it in these pictures). I think that's a bit disrespectful to the current owner (Mary Austin, Freddie's one-time partner and lifelong soulmate) when you can clearly see that some work has been done to make it clean and presentable.

I'm not what you would call a huge Queen fan, but like most people I think they are pretty good and Bohemian Rhapsody was about the best pop/rock song ever written!

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