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December 25th 2011

Dropped Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson Dropped
Dropped Harley Davidson

Christmas Eve 2011 on Old Brompton Road, South Kensington.

Guy had just dropped his Harley. Didn't want to rub salt into the wound by asking a stupid question like "Drop your bike, mate?" so simply helped him and got on with it.

It started first time after he righted it, which you can hear on the video. Presumably it has fuel injection, would have been a different matter with flooded carbs!

Taken on my new Mini DVR-HD helmet cam on 720p @ 60 frames per second, using an external microphone.

Was riding my "new" motorbike, a Suzuki VanVan 125. Don't think I mentioned on this blog, passed my bike test in October (2011)!

Got the snazzy helmet cam so can post more "action" videos like the one above!

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