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July 25th 2009

Kensington Gardens
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion
Kensington Gardens
Serpentine Gallery from Pavilion
Kensington Gardens
Royal Parks Shire Horses
Kensington Gardens
Lovely sunny day today in London Town. Took a stroll through Kensington Gardens. A wonderful atmosphere about the place. First decent sunshine for a while, without showers. Reasonably busy with people, and fairly quiet and peaceful at the same time.

They have put up a new art structure at the Serpentine Gallery. It is called the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. It's a shiny steel, almost chrome-like roof structure, supported by slender pillars, designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa. It is there from July 12th to 18th October 2009. They have a coffee shop there and some seating.

They are also showing a Popeye exhibition: "Jeff Koons Popeye Series", which runs from July 2nd to 13th September 2009, admission free. I don't know, maybe you can get spinach sandwiches in the snazzy new coffee bar?!

Also saw the Royal Parks Shire horses, at the Albert Memorial, doing some PR work!

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