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April 30th 2011

Yemeni Youth Demo
Yemeni Youth Demo
Was taking a stroll in the sunshine this afternoon when I came across a demonstration opposite the Yemen embassy on Cromwell Road, across from the Natural History Museum (there's a lot of embassies around here).

Spoke to some young people there. Like other Arab states there is a revolution against dictatorial leaderships who have been in power for a long time. The main message I got today was that people were becoming poorer in the land.

From their leaflet:

"We are protesting here opposite the embassy of Yemen to show support to the Yemeni revolutionists in Yemen who are protesting peacefully against the corrupted regime."

"We want to topple the dictator regime in Yemen and the head of corruption Ali Saleh and his family after 33 years of their corruption and injustice."

I thought it was interesting that they said they had protested outside the American embassy, looking for support. It's not every Arab cause that would ask the US for help.

(didn't get a great picture...just where I happened to be standing at the time)

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