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February 25th 2011

Libya Demo
Libya Demo
Libya Demo
Libya Demo
Saw a demonstration opposite the Libyan embassy on Knightsbridge. There have been a number of demonstrations recently with the uprisings in the Middle East.

They all have the same connection..."democracy" for the people in the face of autocrats/dictators. I put "democracy" in quotes. According to the guy on the loud-hailer at the demo today, democracy is a western creation and that is not what they were calling for but they were calling for freedom for the Muslim people of Libya.

This is something that struck me about the demo, it wasn't about Libya, barely saw a Libyan flag, it was about Islam. The speaker did say that it wasn't about nationalism, it was about Islam. I don't know if this is typical of the people currently opposing Gaddafi in Libya. I suspect it might be.

They were calling for Sharia law in Libya, chanting "Sharia for Libya"...the women were chanting it too, which I thought was interesting. The western media doesn't paint a pretty picture of Sharia law particularly with regard to women's rights. The women today were enthusiastically calling for "Sharia for Libya" and seemed to be very happy to do so, which as a western fed by the western media, struck me as interesting.

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