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January 22nd 2011

Blair at Chilcot Inquiry
Blair at Chilcot Inquiry
Blair at Chilcot Inquiry
Police photographer
Blair at Chilcot Inquiry
Blair at Chilcot Inquiry
Friday 21/01/11. Tony Blair was appearing before the Chilcot inquiry into the invasion of Iraq, again today. Went along to join the demonstration against him.

Wasn't many people there, most had turned up for him arriving about 8am, I was there from about 1pm. As this was just a re-visit to clarify some evidence he gave earlier, it wasn't seen as such a big occasion as when he first appeared. Mind you, there was a much bigger police presence than last time, I suspect due to the recent violence at the student protests in London.

A HUGE waste of public money. When I was there, there was only about fifty demonstrators there but we were completely outnumbered by police of all sorts. There was scores of riot vans parked nearby. There was a helicopter hovering overhead when Blair left the building (a good clue actually that he was about to come out).

What on earth was the cost of all this???? To protect a muppet (being polite) against a small group of peaceful protesters? Unreal. Total and complete joke.

I did get to see Blair and shout at him which was the point of going, so really pleased about that, after standing for hours freezing this time last year when he first appeared at the inquiry.

Mind you, it was bloody freezing today and I was there for a couple of hours. Why do they always have these things when it's bloody freezing?!

Unlike the last time, Blair entered and left by the main door. This gave me my chance to spot him and let him know what I thought of him. Pretty good...been wanting to do that for a very long time...good to get it off my chest.

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