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January 15th 2010

Whaling Demonstration
Whaling Demonstration
Japanese Embassy
Whaling Demonstration
Was walking along Piccadilly today and noticed a demonstration outside the Japanese embassy. It was an anti-whaling demo. I remember seeing some demonstrators there before, demonstrating about the same thing, so it looks like Japan has a thing about catching big fish (ok mammals).

Here's a hot tip if you are planning a demonstration, use a "honk" banner, like these demonstrators did. London drivers need very little encouragement to honk their horns, so you are bound to get some response. Sure enough, these guys got a lot of honks from passing motorists. Which is pretty good because the people inside the embassy were probably doing their best to ignore the demo, but they couldn't ignore all the horn blasting outside!

There was quite a visible police presence compared to other demos I have seen, including some armed guys. Don't know what it is about whale protestors that merits this, maybe some of the animal rights people getting a bit excited at times? Maybe because Japan is a big prosperous country, it gets the special treatment?

I didn't take a picture of the armed coppers. In post-Blair (known to the sane as "prick") Britain, that would have got me arrested for terrorism.

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