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November 17th 2009

A load of balls?
Sculpture by Anish Kapoor
A load of balls?
Close-up of balls (ooh err missus!)
A load of balls?
The Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly, are currently exhibiting work by the sculptor Anish Kapoor, including this spectacular sculpture in the courtyard.

It's a bunch of chrome balls stuck together with "no visible means of support". Actually, they are mirror-polished stainless steel, but look like chrome! It's a lovely thing, and very well made, you can't see the joins or how the balls are held together.

According to the RA website, this sculpture "both disorientates and distorts, challenging our traditional notion of form and space". Personally I didn't feel challenged when I viewed it, just thought it was a handsome piece of work!

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